Mother's Day Film

© Connection Pointe Church

Filmed and Edited by Christian Barreno

Script by Maggie Frazee

Voice-over by Ashley Smith

Special thanks to the Hinders Family!

Music licensed via The Music Bed

I Can Handle It, Elevation Church

Back in December, I had the honor of serving alongside the Elevation Film team as a co-DP for "I Can Handle It."

It was great working with Junior, Anthony, Colin, and Endia as we made our way through the D.C. area filming awesome individuals.

Neely, A Woman's Anxiety

"We don't need to have to understand or fully grasp what has happened, or have the words to say, but just in bringing it out with open hands, it allows God to begin to heal us and to begin to show us who He really is"

- Neely McLoed

Concept by Christian Barreno, Neely McLoed, Adam Lynch

Talent: Neely McLoed

Filmed and Edited by Christian Barreno

Music licensed via The Music Bed

Location: Arbuckle Acres Park, Brownsburg Residence,

Nora, Short Film & BTS

I had the honor of capturing some behind-the-scene images and footage for Skyler Lawson and his team over at 5AM Films (Kassim Norris & Brenton Oechsle). 

What can I say, It was an awesome experience!  So much talent involved in this film (Ty Fanning and Jessica Froelich).  One of the most intriguing aspects of this project was the recording format: Kodak 35mm film.  Every take was carefully planned and rehearsed.  

Watch Nora and check out this awesome interview by "No Film School" here.