I Can Handle It, Elevation Church

Back in December, I had the honor of serving alongside the Elevation Film team as a co-DP for "I Can Handle It."

It was great working with Junior, Anthony, Colin, and Endia as we made our way through the D.C. area filming awesome individuals.


I had the pleasure of documenting a trip to Panama with a team from Connection Pointe.  We met our missions partner Jose Rodriguez and toured the native areas.  Jose and his family have a strong passion for the native peoples in the mountain regions of Panama.  He is also praying about starting an urban church in Panama City.  

I loved Panama very much.  The people were so kind and the views were magnificent!

Hillsong United, Empires Tour

This is the third time I've had the opportunity to worship at a Hillsong United Concert.  I love the atmosphere, the caliber of production, the hearts behind the ministry, and the freedom to worship Jesus. This night was even more special because it was the last night of the Empires Tour.

I didn't bring my camera, just my phone. I took 2 images and 3 clips.  

Shot on my outdated iPhone 5s.

Please checkout Hillsong United's page for music, videos, and tour dates!

Independence Day 2015

I was very happy to have a few evenings free from work this holiday weekend.  I got the opportunity to hear some live music and see some incredible fireworks at the Connor Prairie Museum.  On the actual "fourth," I spent some time with family and friends and saw another fireworks show in Carmel, near the Palladium.  Happy Independence Day!

The Legacy Letters: Brryan Jackson

This is an excerpt from a previous blog post...

"[...]As the time passed, I mentioned to the guys (David and Daniel Alexander) that I kept having a desire to capture a story of an incredible person. I love to pre-visualize a lot of my work, both conceptually and aesthetically.  I described the angles, the sounds, even the colors... So we went to a bbq gathering and met some wonderful hosts; we had great conversations, then we met Brryan Jackson.  A young man, about 23 years old who just happened to be that incredible person with an unimaginable story of hope.  David, Daniel and I, looked at each other, amazed that God had placed us in the right spot at the right time.  

So we decided to film a short concept-introduction video.  We had some minor setbacks with time and location (the city library security guards were hard to work with), but we managed to get enough footage and a brief introduction narrative.  I cannot wait to reveal this brief introduction.  We are praying that God will gather an entire team of collaborators to make this short film/documentary possible."


Well, after a few months I was finally able to edit the footage and even create a simple score to compliment the narration.

Brryan, your legacy is an unending story of hope and triumph.

Trip to Nashville

I had an awesome weekend with Margaret in Nashville, visiting her sister Theresa and fiancé Paul!

Margaret had recently arrived in the US after a 5 week internship program in Lebanon! It was great to have her back and spend some alone-time on the road.

On our way to the "nasty" we stopped by Louisville and took some photos and had some half-decent Asian food at 4th Street Live.

We got to stay with Paul and Theresa in Nashville and catch up on life!  We had great coffee at Paul's workplace, the Frothy Monkey, and we got to walk around the city and eat good food!  It was great hanging out with them.  I'm excited for their new life as a married couple and can't wait to see them again!

Also, special thanks to Margaret and Paul for taking some photos which are featured on this post!