Butler University

Harriet Steinke, Composer

Harriet is a wonderful, talented composer who contacted me about doing a lifestyle shoot.  As we scouted locations at the IMA, we decided to go for a laid-back approach.  She is currently finishing up her studies at Butler University.  She is also a friend of Josh Turner and Ellie Glorioso-Wible; also amazing, talented people.  I'm honored to photograph another artist!

Please enjoy this small sample from Harriet's shoot, she did a great job!

Josh Turner, Musician

Last weekend I had the privilege of capturing images of the extremely talented and kind Josh Turner!  I met Josh back in december when I photographed the Butler University "Out Of The Dawg House" men's a cappella group.  

Josh is a passionate musician who has been featured in several local venues and has appeared on television.  During our shoot he was very kind, humble and even bashful in front of the camera.  The sample of images featured in this post reflect the quirky, folky vibe that Josh embodies!  Enjoy!

Ellie Glorioso-Wible, Cellist

It was great to hangout with my friends Ellie and Jordan!  The last time I saw them in person was at their wedding (Margaret and I were so privileged to document their day). 

Ellie had asked me a few weeks ago to shoot some portraits of her with her cello. 

Due to the cold weather we weren't able to shoot outside, so we improvised with some great indoor spaces at Butler University. It was a treat to hear her play and it was awesome having her husband Jordan assist me with lighting! 

There are a couple distinct looks in this set which reflect both her physical expression and her emotions, all aligned with the pieces she played live during the shoot!