The Legacy Letters: Brryan Jackson

This is an excerpt from a previous blog post...

"[...]As the time passed, I mentioned to the guys (David and Daniel Alexander) that I kept having a desire to capture a story of an incredible person. I love to pre-visualize a lot of my work, both conceptually and aesthetically.  I described the angles, the sounds, even the colors... So we went to a bbq gathering and met some wonderful hosts; we had great conversations, then we met Brryan Jackson.  A young man, about 23 years old who just happened to be that incredible person with an unimaginable story of hope.  David, Daniel and I, looked at each other, amazed that God had placed us in the right spot at the right time.  

So we decided to film a short concept-introduction video.  We had some minor setbacks with time and location (the city library security guards were hard to work with), but we managed to get enough footage and a brief introduction narrative.  I cannot wait to reveal this brief introduction.  We are praying that God will gather an entire team of collaborators to make this short film/documentary possible."


Well, after a few months I was finally able to edit the footage and even create a simple score to compliment the narration.

Brryan, your legacy is an unending story of hope and triumph.