Seeker and Servant, "Our Greatest Joy"

This story started out while on tour with Epic Assemblies.  I made it a mission to record my travels and make weekly vlogs.  I used several songs from many artists I loved.  While we were in Compton, CA, I wanted to make a video on a theme of Light.  I went to noise-trade and found these amazing guys: Seeker & Servant.  I used their song "Into Your Love, I go."

About a few weeks ago, I received an email from Chandler Wood, a member of Seeker & Servant, who saw the vlog, about a possibility of making a music video for their song "Our Greatest Joy."  It was an honor to make this video, using footage from my travels and events that I've been apart of (showing the joy of Christ in nature, cities, gatherings, people).

Not only are these guys talented, but also generous! They sent me a vinyl and cd of their album and an awesome-encouraging note.

Seeker & Servant Album

Enjoy the video and some frame-grabs too!

Please check out and support this amazing group of worshippers!   www.seekerandservant.tumblr.com