Rachael Stuckey Photography

Kim + Justin

I had the pleasure of assisting my good friend, Rachael Maloy. We documented the wedding of Kim and Justin at The Willows. These two self-less people were extremely kind and goofy to us! We also took a ride in a huge party bus and had a great time!  Please look below at some frames that I took, and go on over to Rachael's post!

Nathaniel + Emily

I had the wonderful pleasure of assisting my talented photographer-friend, Rachael!  We traveled to Richmond, IN to document our friends Nathaniel and Emily!  It was awesome to see old friends and professors from our Alma Mater, Indiana Wesleyan.  The wedding took place outdoors at an arboretum.  The ceremony was filled with laughter, smiles, and tears.  Nathaniel and Emily painted a wonderful depiction of their lives with two concentric circles meeting together and "growing" together.  They were fun in front of the camera, willing to be adventurous and silly for us photographers!  The Reception took place at a private club on the fourth floor of an old factory-warehouse.  Rachael and I found some awesome areas with tons of natural light.  The Lighting was perfect for more portraits, and the reception area was dimly light with nice decorative lights, setting a great mood for the rest of the night.

The evening was full of great laughter, funny speeches, and some crazy dance moves.

Please enjoy this small sample of frames that I took, assisting Rachael Maloy! Please visit her site here.